New Tasks at Utrecht University (2020)

As of 1 July 2020 Ernst van Bemmelen van Gent has been appointed as UDO at Utrecht University. This new title stands for “universitair docent onderwijs” in Dutch and translates to assistant professor with a focus on education. As part of this development, Ernst did pick up teaching tasks in two new master programs of Utrecht Law School: the English language master Law and Technology in Europe and the Dutch language master Intellectueel Eigendomrecht Innovatie en Technologie. Ernst continues to be a lecturer in the … Continue ReadingNew Tasks at Utrecht University (2020)

Lund Conference

Last month I had the opportunity to present some preliminary outcomes of my PhD-research project. Here I share some graphs I used to illustrate these outcomes.

Utrecht University Video

PLease check out a video made by the Utrecht University corporate communication department about bachelor education. Featuring Ernst van Bemmelen van Gent and his tutor group 2016-2017. See for the original.

New Site

After years of hosting just one site for my law firm, now it is time to construct a site on which also my other activities can be hosted. So, please use this site to redirect to my various activities. For my law firm please go to: VanBemmelenVanGent Legal